Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Kingdom for Keflings (Xbox Live Arcade)

I purchased this game after seeing it advertised while playing 1 vs 100 one weekend they were giving it away. After downloading the demo, I decided I would pay for the full version. I wasn't disappointed.

What I found was a cute game that reminded me of the resource gathering and building that's often employed in RTS games. As the lone giant (or one of four if playing Multiplayer), you help the Keflings build their kingdom from nothing more than a Town Square and Basic Workshop. By gathering wood, rocks, wool and magic crystals, you can basically build anything you want to, with the ultimate goal being to build a castle for the king to live in.

What I found interesting about this game, from a D/s standpoint, is that, as the giant, you are thrust into both submissive and dominant roles. You tell the Keflings what to do and where to bring the resources, but ultimately, the Mayor/Lord/King decides what you need to do by assigning you quests and suggesting what needs to be built next.

For $5, this is really an interesting game. It can be completed in about six hours and there isn't too terribly much replay value once you've built up the Kingdom to its fullest capacity, but it's still a fun little time waster all-in-all.

My score: A

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